What are Program Learning Outcomes and Why do they Matter?

Program Learning Outcomes are the beacon in the night of education. When students are feeling overwhelmed, the outcomes provide a steady goal to strive for. “Why am I doing this?” can quickly become “I know why I am doing this!”.

Each class taken has its own specific purpose. Teaching and Learning with Technology for example, gave students the opportunity to practice using different types of technology tools and applying them to the learning environment utilizing the Dynamic Instructional Design (DID) model.

“It is an educator’s job to provide lessons that are informative. By incorporating technology a teacher can do more than just inform their students. They can create an assignment worthy of being excited about. They can engage students even further by taking into consideration intelligences and learning styles. Educators can tailor assignments with technology to bring a boring assignment alive. They can provide their students with a much needed way to sort complex information. Technology can even boost a student’s attention span and confidence (Lever-Duffy, & McDonald, 2015).” (Morgan, 2016).

While Instructional Leadership allowed students to explore creating positive change within an educational setting.

“In order for the planned change to be considered successful several components should be met. The core program elements for this change scenario to be deemed effective are community involvement, increased school wide communication and a smart projector in every classroom. It is the goal of the plan administrator to produce a plan that successfully creates community involvement and results in a 100 percent upgrade to the old classrooms in the original building at PVCC. Community involvement would be considered successful if the plan administrator is able to employee the volunteer services of staff, students and educators.” (Morgan, 2016)

Finally, our Capstone class has lead us to review each of these Outcomes and apply our knowledge to build a media rich online presence. I have created two. The rich visual environment of WordPress makes a great foundation for a catchy portfolio. The file storage capabilities of a wiki also makes it a good choice, yet it lacks the flexibility of easy creating visual appeal. I decided to utilize both. Here is the link to my wiki. You will also find a link to its “PowerPoints” page under the PowerPoints blog.

Each of these components lead students towards a deeper understanding and greater ability to utilize the eight program learning outcomes.


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